One Identity Safeguard audits and analyzes secrets used in HashiCorp DevOps environments

IT operations have completely changed over the last decade, with the focus now on rapid innovation and pushing applications to production. To keep pace with the acceleration in software development, common DevOps practices were adopted to reduce friction in development workflows but often those practices introduced unforeseen security risks. To that end, if your organization uses, or is considering implementing, HashiCorp’s Vault within your DevOps environment, you need to monitor and audit the use of the secrets to achieve security and compliance.

With the pressure to accelerate production and scalability, implementing security best practices to protect privileged access and secrets within DevOps environments are often overlooked.

External bad actors are aware of these shortcomings, seek them out and leverage shared privileged credentials to access sensitive files and data. They will also conduct malicious attacks against vulnerable organizations, their products and/or their users.

One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions’ transparent protocol proxy technology enables organizations to monitor, audit and analyze secrets used with HashiCorp’s Vault without changing a user’s workflow. All activity is tracked and can be easily reviewed to see which secret was used, when it was used and how it was used. This capability gives organizations the necessary oversight of privileged access and secrets used with HashiCorp’s Vault. Organizations can monitor privileged sessions in real time, and if unusual or wanted behavior is detected, actions can be taken, such as sending an alert or immediately terminating a session.

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