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DevOps practices have been widely adopted to reduce friction in development workflows but often introduce unforeseen security risks. If your organization already uses, or is considering implementing, HashiCorp’s Vault within your DevOps environment, you need to monitor and audit the use of the secrets in order to enhance security and achieve compliance.

To gain the needed oversight of privileged access use One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions’ transparent protocol proxy technology in conjunction with HashiCorp’s Vault. Safeguard eliminates unauthorized and unfettered access to resources and enables you to monitor privileged sessions in real time. If unusual or unwanted behavior is detected actions such as sending an alert or immediately terminating a session can be taken.

Integrating One Identity Safeguard with HashiCorp’s vault enables you to implement secure best practices within your DevOps environment. You can be confident that secret usage in your DevOps environment is being monitored and audited to ensure credentials are being used by the right people and machines. This brings a new level of security and reduced risk to your business without impacting productivity.

Next Steps Options:

Try One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions to learn how it controls, monitors and analyzes privileged access– including access used in your HashiCorp environment