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Synchronization TETA for various environments

We've setup synchronization project for importing Identities from TETA HR system. Because there are two TETA systems (TETA HRM and TETA 2000) we created one synch. project we redefine variable for subsystem:

In workflow there is a setting to "Delete Object only found in One Identity Manger". This implies the problem: when we are synchronizing using T2K variable set IDM tries to Delete elements from THR and the other way: THR synchronization results in deleting objects in T2K. How to tell IDM to refer only to this subsystem that is synchronizing now (Delete objects from subsystem).

  • You could use a Schema Class on the 1IM side to contain only entries from the TETA system you are going to synchronize.

    And maybe use the attribute ImportSource on the Person table to mark from which TETA system the entry has been synchronized.

  • In addition to the post from Stephan.Hausmann , use scopes on the OneIM side to restrict the persons to be part of the sync. You may have to set an identifying attribute in your sync based on your variables but this would be the way to go.
  • I've done something like this:

    but in Synchronization log I'm getting:

    [810306] Error during execution of 'CheckValues' in logic module 'VI.DB.Entities.ValueFormatEntityLogic'.
    [810149] Departments: Value 'T2K' is not valid for field 'Import data source' (Valid values: EBSHR, EBSOIM,

  • OK, I added "T2K" and "THR" to "List of permitted values" of column ImportSource in Department