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Can I start synchronization from a script?

I have a business requirement to start a synchronization ad hoc, via a REST call.   I can start a script remotely, through REST, so I just need a script that will start my sync project workflow.

I can't find a way to start a sync workflow directly, so I've also thought about tying the sync to an event which the script would generate.  Another possibility may be kicking off the schedule that the sync workflow is tied to, but it seems that schedules are one to many from workflows, so it wouldn't know which workflow to start.

Any ideas or documentation on how to initiate a sync workflow from a script?


  • Hi Jim,

    You should be able to use the REST API to raise the "Run" event on your synchronization project.  The table you want is DPRProjectionStartInfo.

  • George is right, in regards to the Startup Configurations.

    But just to be sure, are we really talking about starting a complete FullSync or is it about Ad-Hoc provisioning of single object changes from OneIM to the connected target system?
  • I need to sync from the external system to OneIM, and ideally that would be for a single user. I was thinking that I'd setup a sync configuration that has scope set to just one object so I can limit what I'm syncing in, and then run that config only. Also, down the road I'll need to make sure outgoing sync to target systems is working, so I *might* need to provision out as well as part of a separate process.

    I'm a OneIM newbie - is there a better mechanism than a sync project going to the target system to provision out? I think I can link an event to perform an ad hoc query when the event fires (which might be when my attribute(s) change, so that may do it. I imagine there are a number of methods, any preference?

  • I've had success: I can auth and then kick off the Run event for the DPRProjectionStartInfo items.

    Thanks guys!