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Quick Connect - Add text prefix to a synchronized attribute

I'm trying synchronize the "mail" attribute from a source AD to "msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress" in the target AD.  This works fine, however I would like to write a prefix of "sip:" to the synchronized value (e.g: "" gets synchronized as "")

I found the following URL:

  • $employeeID = $srcObj["employeeID"].ToString("000000")

Although I can't seem to get it to work for my scenario. How can I use this for my scenario as a step handler?

  • If your change really is that simple, there is an easier way.

    When you are setting up the "source item" for the Forward Sync Rule, from the dropdown on the right side of the attribute, select "Rule". This will open up a "Configure Generation Rule" dialog where you can specify the formula to pre-pend the string 'SIP:' to the contents of Mail. In this dialog, you can select any source attribute(s) to build your formula.
  • I like JohnnyQuest's approach. In PowerShell code couldn't you also do something like:
    $employeeID = "sip:" + $employeeID
  • Thank you, every time I use this - it feels like my first time. I had forgotten about rules capability in here and assumed I had to PoSh things... :)

    I have chosen Rule rather than Attribute... although it still doesn't seem clear. I can choose the value from Mail now, although the "Text" Entry Type I see alongside this is somewhat unclear as to my desire to prefix the Mail attribute?

  • Ah.... I understand now.

    I needed to build multiple rule entries, one being text - the other, my attribute value. That was so easy, but didn't feel intuitive which is my lack of experience here...


    Thanks again



  • It's a very similar approach to that used by the property validation & generation (PVG) rules in ActiveRoles.