• Sharing is caring - Create a Powershell Script from a Powershell Connector XML

    Dear Community,

    as i worked heavily on Powershell Connectors in the past month I have started to built an eco-system on small helpers and tools around it.

    While not everything is sharable at the moment, I want to make the beginning with a small script…

  • 401 Unauthorized response through API

    Hi everyone,

    This is my Powershell script to login:



    $authJson = ConvertTo-Json $bi -Depth 2

    $LoginRequest2 = Invoke…

  • How to capture the return value of a PowerShell command in a Designer custom process step?

    Hi Team,

    Can anyone share with me the example to capture the return value of a PowerShell script command being executed in a Designer custom process step?

    Currently, I am using PowerShellComponent - Execute Script process task to execute the PowerShell…

  • Function to split key values in a powershellscript.

    Hi All,

    Can someone has experience in below requirement.

    I need to split the key values in powershell script.

    Application: [
    into below form.

    "Applicationname": "abc"

  • Get current server date time from Active Roles


    Anyone please let me know how to get current server date time or how to convert current date time to specific timezone within the active roles and I wanted to set the date time to a virtual attribute. I'm unable to fix this issue. Here is the code…

  • Powershell Connector Error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using One Identity 8.1.4 and I'm trying to create a powershell connector using the Synchronization Editor.

    During the creation I get the error below.

    I think the error is in the following lines in XML file but I don't know what…

  • PowerShellComponent ExecuteScript - Missing argument in parameter list

    Hi everybody,

    I am facing a problem using the PowershellComponentNet4 - ExecuteScript process task. I have the following script as parameter:

    Dim samAccountName As String = $SAMAccountName$
    Dim username As String = Connection.GetConfigParm("Custom\TargetSystem…

  • How to add additional column from different tables in RestAPI call

    In the API call we have an option to add additional columns for display in output, how should we refer a foreign attribute ? 

    For example I use a POST method to get person details, how to add a column from say department table ? 


  • Powershell Component - Execute Commandline


    I currently have a problem using the powershell component in one of my processes.

    The error is as follows:

    The term 'Powershell command' is not recognized as the name of a cmlet, function, script file, or operable program"


  • Persons get inserted into PersonHasQERResource, but the process is not executed.


    (running Identity Manager 8.0.1)

    I've created a process for a resource (Enable/disable Skype through Powershell) and connected it to a business role (everyone at IT, approx. 100 people). I see in PersonHasQERResource that everyone is inserted but…

  • Quick Connect - Add text prefix to a synchronized attribute

    I'm trying synchronize the "mail" attribute from a source AD to "msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress" in the target AD.  This works fine, however I would like to write a prefix of "sip:" to the synchronized value (e.g: "first.last…

  • UNSAccountB process is not firing for INSERT events for Provisioning using Powershell Connector


    I want to Create Active Directory Accounts using the Powershell Connector with the OOB AD Sample.xml definition file in my Sync Editor Project.

    Right now I'm able to execute the Full Sync, so the AD Accounts are under UNSAccountB but I can't Provisioning…

  • Connect Exchange 2016 Loadbalancer with 1IM 7.0.2


    currently I am trying to create a sync project in 1IM 7.0.2 for Exchange 2016. As Exchange Server I want to use a load balancer address. The connection is tested successfully.

    The problem is that I cannot finish the creation of the synchronization…

  • VB to Powershell help

    We used to have a script that would run post create that would send out a email to notify certian people that a new users had been created.  we had a detailed VB script that did this, however since the upgrade to QC 5.0 this no longer is the case,  support…