• How to add additional column from different tables in RestAPI call

    In the API call we have an option to add additional columns for display in output, how should we refer a foreign attribute ? 

    For example I use a POST method to get person details, how to add a column from say department table ? 


  • Powershell Component - Execute Commandline


    I currently have a problem using the powershell component in one of my processes.

    The error is as follows:

    The term 'Powershell command' is not recognized as the name of a cmlet, function, script file, or operable program"


  • Persons get inserted into PersonHasQERResource, but the process is not executed.


    (running Identity Manager 8.0.1)

    I've created a process for a resource (Enable/disable Skype through Powershell) and connected it to a business role (everyone at IT, approx. 100 people). I see in PersonHasQERResource that everyone is inserted but…

  • Quick Connect - Add text prefix to a synchronized attribute

    I'm trying synchronize the "mail" attribute from a source AD to "msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress" in the target AD.  This works fine, however I would like to write a prefix of "sip:" to the synchronized value (e.g: "first.last…

  • UNSAccountB process is not firing for INSERT events for Provisioning using Powershell Connector


    I want to Create Active Directory Accounts using the Powershell Connector with the OOB AD Sample.xml definition file in my Sync Editor Project.

    Right now I'm able to execute the Full Sync, so the AD Accounts are under UNSAccountB but I can't Provisioning…

  • Connect Exchange 2016 Loadbalancer with 1IM 7.0.2


    currently I am trying to create a sync project in 1IM 7.0.2 for Exchange 2016. As Exchange Server I want to use a load balancer address. The connection is tested successfully.

    The problem is that I cannot finish the creation of the synchronization…

  • RE: Enable Mailbox command not recognized error when working on Exchange VI_Ex2k_ADSAccount_Enable_MailObject job


    This usually means that the job server service account (that ultimately is used to run the PoSh scripts) does not have the right permissions.  I usually find that 'Recipient Management' is needed.  What you can do is start a PoSh session on…

  • Determining the active/current workflow name


    This post started out as a question, but while thinking about and testing what I was posting, I answered my own question. It seemed appropriate that I should go ahead and post it in case someone else ever encountered the same.

    I was attempting to…

  • Choose provisioning target conainer based on script results?


    I would like to let Quick Connect choose the target container for provisioning objects based on the source users source container:

    • If user is in container "CN=sales,DC=companyA,DC=com" then provision this user to "CN=sales,OU=Users,DC=CompanyB,DC=com…
  • Provisioning condition based on group membership in source AD


    I would like to create a provisioning step that provisions user objects based on their membership in the source Active Directory: "If user is member of group "MySyncGroup" in connected source AD then provision this user to managed AD Domain."…

  • "User" attribute missing in generic LDAP connector

    Hi All,

    I am trying to synchronize AD to openLDAP. On the workflow when i try to create from AD to LDAP i cant find User attribute in target LDAP. Can anyone help me with this please???

    Thank you!

  • QC 5.0 - Manager Lookup Script with Powershell

    I have a powershell script which works great as a standalone script. It queries AD for all user accounts with extensionAttribute1 set, then loops through all those users and reads the managers employeeNumber from extensionAttribute1 of each user, querys…

  • Create user in correct OU

    The following script was working fine untill I upgraded to v5. Did anything change in v5 that would prevent this script from working? For example, does this script need to be reqwitten in PowerShell?

    I am using this script in an update job, under the …

  • Powershell: Simulate QC objects for DEV testing

    Has anyone else already done this work? 

    I'm looking for a way to generate $srcobj["fieldname"] and $dstobj["fieldname"]  in powershell (outside of QuickConnect) for initial testing. 

    I have been defining variables for all the fields…

  • Syncronizing AD group memberships to/from SQL tables

    Hi all,

    I looking for other's feedback on a solution I am working on to sync the membership of an AD group to a combination of SQL tables.   The SQL tables are structured as follows:

    Users Table


    Group Table

    Group NameGr…
  • QC compare with null value problems

    I am attempting to compare values in an Oracle table with values in AD/ARS.  the issues arise when the value in Oracle is null.  I think i am close with the script but can't quite get it.  Here is the script.

    # Initialize necessary variables


  • VB to Powershell help

    We used to have a script that would run post create that would send out a email to notify certian people that a new users had been created.  we had a detailed VB script that did this, however since the upgrade to QC 5.0 this no longer is the case,  support…

  • Create User via Script

    I'm a complete beginner to ARS so I wonder if someone could help with this. . . .

    I need to be able to script in Powershell the creation of user accounts based on data contained in a text file submitted by a process external to ARS.

    Ideally I don't…

  • Best Way to generate ARS Dynamic Groups within QuickConnect?

    I have logic in quick connect and it seems to be working OK.  I just want to know if anyone has heard of a best practice in regard to generating the group and maintaining queries in an ARS Dynamic security group using QuickConnect 5.  Currently I copy the…

  • It there a way to configure a Workflow, Connection and Mapping with Powershell

    Hi Folks,

    I have been doing some testing with Quick Connect Sync Engine 5.0 and some associated connectors and I was wondering if there is a way to create and configure Connectors, Workflows or Mapping jobs via Powershell.  In particular I am interested…

  • Setting a Direct Synchronization Password Sync Rule


    I am trying to set a time stamp value generated by Powershell during the password Sync Process and write it into the LDAP target user object attribute "description".

    But it appears not to be updating the value.

    If I use the "Text" method, it…

  • Use of Cmdlets of Active-Directory-Modul (Powershell)


    I wanne use commands like "Get-ADUser" of the ADS-Comandlet, but Quick Connect do not know them. What can I do?


  • How to retrieve ProvisionedObj in the last workflow run from QC shell?


    i'm provisioning user object from AD to RACF. As the title said, i need help with QCCommands to obtain the list of user object provisioned in the last workflow run. I tried with the command:

    Get-QCSyncHistorySummaryRun -WorkflowName "RACF" |…

  • Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message for disabled active directory users

    Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message for disabled active directory users that own a mailbox in case the employee is terminated or quits.

    I have the following powershell scripts to process output of Exchange 2010 PowerShell cmdlets from within a Quest…

  • provide manager access to the deprovisioned mailboxes

    We are trying to provide manager access to the mailboxes, but then I also want to hide the mailboxes for disabled accounts in Q1IM. Any suggestion would be helpful. We are not using ARS.