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Process step in DPR_ProjectionStartInfo_Run_Synchronization is showing that there is error even if no error is found


I have set configuration parameter JobHistory as "Error" so that whenever error occurs error is logged in JobHistory table. So, the process step "Reset LastStart on error" in synchronization process shows its execution status as History even if it is able to execute the sql. And I can't find any error message is JobHistory table for this error. Can someone please suggest for this issue.

  • Are you seeing any completed processes in Job History?

    It may be that the task that runs against these finished jobs hasn't run yet.


  • Hi,

    if you see "Reset LastStart on error" with status Histroy this step was enabled and executed because it's predecessor "Run Synchronization" ended with an error and "stop on error" (at "Run Synchronization") is turned off or someone choose "continue with error" in Job Queue Info. If the configuration parameter JobHistory is set to "Error" the status Histroy is set when at least one of the process steps of an process returned with an error.
    In your case Histroy is most likely caused by the failed "Run Synchronization" process step. This process step should have an error message.