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How to get value which has type "Double" and the value has 2 or 3 digits after decimal from a database?


I am using COnnection.GetSingleProperty to read the value of "RiskIndex" from "AERole" table and the risk index is "0.01". Connection.GetSingleProperty as Double returns 0 instead of 0.01. How to handle this?

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  • Ident_AErole is not a unique property.  So I would suspect that you are getting more than one result, and something in your cast is broken.  I'd try something more like:

    public function TestDouble() As Double
        Dim dbRole as IEntity

        dbRole = Session.Source.Get("AERole","QER-AEROLE-CUSTOMADMIN-ADMIN")

        return dbRole.getvalue("RiskIndex").Double
    End function

    Or create a collection object and iterate through