DialognextId is there a way to reset the nextID

I have a requirement to have the sequence number from 1 to 10000 once it reaches 10000    this value NextID should be reset back to 1. I tried using designer process to reset the value it is giving permission denied error.

Is there a way to reset the limit once it reaches the set limit?

  • Hi

    If you try to update DialogNextID.NextNumber via the process component HandleObject.Update it will fail, because an update via the object layer other than the appropriate customizer method is not allowed. But you can update the value by using the SQL component and running the following command line:

    UPDATE DialogNextID SET NextNumber = 1 WHERE Ident_DialogNextID = N'<Enter here the corresponding value of Ident_DialogNextID>'


  • The GetNextID() method is transaction-safe. It would be somewhat careless to modify the actual sequence number via a asynchronous process, as it might well increase over your limit before your process runs.I would recommend creating a database trigger to reset the value.