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How we can fetch UTC time in Designer?

How to fetch UTC time in designer- process

I need to populate XdateInserted with UTC time instead of local time. Is there a way to do that?

  • You should NEVER populate XDateInserted manually or are you mocking data with SQL?

    And by the way, the DateTime values stored in the X-properties are always UTC based. Take a look at them with SQL. The object layer transforms them to be shown in local time.

  • Correction from my end.

    I am storing a custom column in a table to store the date and setting the value in the property like value=$XDATEInserted:date$ it is storing in different timezone then the actual value present in XDateInserted column. Is there a way to get and store same timezone as XdateInserted column?

  • As I have written before, the value is always stored to be in UTC in the database but the object layer will present the value in local time, depending on the culture the executable is running with.

    So, if a template is moving the DateTime value around it should be the same value in your custom column and in the XDateInserted column, you are fetching the data from.

    You may need to describe your use-case in more detail. For example, where and how are you using the statement value=$XDATEInserted:date$