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Filtered by Parameter in Report


I am in the process of creating reports with various parameters such as company or Employee Type or Employee Status. I would like to display the Parameter values in the Header of the report that were selected by the user when executed.

Example:  I have a report with a Parameter for Company and a parameter for Employee type. If the user selects Company "ABC"  and "XYZ" in the parameters and Employee type = "Contractor", Then I would like to display these user selected Parameter values in the header band so that it would display a field for Company Filter = ABC,XYZ and Employee Type filter = Contractor along with Report Scheduled by: John Doe.

Person Report Mock up

Report Scheduled by John Doe
Company ABC,XYZ
Employee Type Contractor
Company Employee Type First Name Last Name Status
ABC Contractor User1 Lastname1 Active
ABC Contractor User2 Lastname2 Active
XYZ Contractor User3 Lastname3 Inactive
XYZ Contractor User4 Lastname4 Inactive


 Note: I do see that there is a "FIltered by" parameter built into the templates but I am unsure how to use this parameter or the syntax. I looked at other standard reports and the forum but was unsure of the functionality as I am using a VI_Reporting_Template_landscape_Params that has this "Filtered by" parameter.

Is there a forum discussion or documentation that would help explain this functionality for displaying the parameter values?

Thank you,