• How to handle huge amount of data in Report Editor

    Greetings, Background: I am attempting to export a report in Report Editor that contains a huge amount of data(350K rows) and would like to export the field in excel/csv . When I am trying to use excel/csv, the report is always frozen in the job queue…

  • Attestation Report Name of the object


    I have a attestation that is setup to attach reports when they receive the email.

    How can I make the report the name of the object I'm reporting on?

    I see the report is named by the display name but i cannot reference the object columns from…

  • Create a report


    I need to know how to create a report who provides me all the deactivated accounts (IsInactive=1). I was looking for in the "Report editor" but I didn't found anything similar.

    I don't know if exist any documentation that teaches…

  • IF THE ELSE statement in Simple List Report

    Hello all. 

    I need to have "if then else" statement in simple list report xml view in such case:

    IF @Parameter=1

    <DatabaseExportDefinition BaseTable="DPRJournalSetup">


    </DatabaseExportDefinition> </THEN>

    IF …

  • IT SHOP - Report


    i'm new on this product.

    I need to konw if it's possible to show report results directly in the web page of IT SHOP or it's only possible to recevive them via email ?

    Many Thanks


  • Do Not send a report if empty


    We have several reports that we would only want to email  if Data is present. These are daily/weekly reports would we would NOT want to send if the report is empty. I was not able to find any information relating to this in the manual but wanted…

  • Filtered by Parameter in Report


    I am in the process of creating reports with various parameters such as company or Employee Type or Employee Status. I would like to display the Parameter values in the Header of the report that were selected by the user when executed.


  • Create Report Parameter using Table

    Hi ,

    I am new to the reporting tool and attempting to create a Report Parameter that pulls all the distinct company members from the database so the user can select the desired company name. I have created the report but when using the Data Source =…

  • Query regarding one IM reports.

    Hi Experts,


    How to check what all type default reports available in one IM and to use default reports for different purpose. I am able to see only “Identity Manager 8.0 Report Subscriptions Administration Guide”. is there any other guides for Reports…

  • RE: Role Historical membership shows employee field empty

    Hi Dalton,

    in your case, with just 10 members you could just compare the current members with the listed members of the Report und you will be able to identify the two.

    But to identify how this could happen in the first place, you would need to call Support…

  • Problem with OOTB report - "User account operations" - Headers missing from CSV attachment

    In D1IM 7.0 I am subscribed to the OOTB report, "User account operations" that shows all user account operations for a specified period. I have already configured the base data to log these operations and to be clear the report looks fine when…