• Issue with attribute in VI_Person_Overview_With_History report


    we are trying to use the VI_Person_Overview_With_History default report in the Report Editor. The problem is the condition under Display_UNSAccountDisplay_cn.

    {If(String.IsNullOrEmpty(UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName),UNSAccount.Display, UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName…

  • Why do I receive a blank report?


    In One Identity Manager 8.2.1 I have created a report in the Report Editor, and I want to make it avaible for subscriptions. 

    I followed the instructions that are explained at this Youtube playlist about reporting. Anyway, if I subscribe with a user…

  • List of Roles/Group Memberships removed and List of Roles/Group Memberships added for a single person.

    Hello All,

    Used Case scenario is like the following:

    Departments are having ADgroups, SAPRoles etc. assigned as birthrights. Now as part of Department move Employee moves from One department to another. As a result of the move some new groups/roles will…

  • How to handle huge amount of data in Report Editor

    Greetings, Background: I am attempting to export a report in Report Editor that contains a huge amount of data(350K rows) and would like to export the field in excel/csv . When I am trying to use excel/csv, the report is always frozen in the job queue…

  • Attestation Report Name of the object


    I have a attestation that is setup to attach reports when they receive the email.

    How can I make the report the name of the object I'm reporting on?

    I see the report is named by the display name but i cannot reference the object columns from…

  • Create a report


    I need to know how to create a report who provides me all the deactivated accounts (IsInactive=1). I was looking for in the "Report editor" but I didn't found anything similar.

    I don't know if exist any documentation that teaches…

  • IF THE ELSE statement in Simple List Report

    Hello all. 

    I need to have "if then else" statement in simple list report xml view in such case:

    IF @Parameter=1

    <DatabaseExportDefinition BaseTable="DPRJournalSetup">


    </DatabaseExportDefinition> </THEN>

    IF …

  • IT SHOP - Report


    i'm new on this product.

    I need to konw if it's possible to show report results directly in the web page of IT SHOP or it's only possible to recevive them via email ?

    Many Thanks


  • Do Not send a report if empty


    We have several reports that we would only want to email  if Data is present. These are daily/weekly reports would we would NOT want to send if the report is empty. I was not able to find any information relating to this in the manual but wanted…

  • Filtered by Parameter in Report


    I am in the process of creating reports with various parameters such as company or Employee Type or Employee Status. I would like to display the Parameter values in the Header of the report that were selected by the user when executed.


  • Create Report Parameter using Table

    Hi ,

    I am new to the reporting tool and attempting to create a Report Parameter that pulls all the distinct company members from the database so the user can select the desired company name. I have created the report but when using the Data Source =…

  • Query regarding one IM reports.

    Hi Experts,


    How to check what all type default reports available in one IM and to use default reports for different purpose. I am able to see only “Identity Manager 8.0 Report Subscriptions Administration Guide”. is there any other guides for Reports…

  • Problem with OOTB report - "User account operations" - Headers missing from CSV attachment

    In D1IM 7.0 I am subscribed to the OOTB report, "User account operations" that shows all user account operations for a specified period. I have already configured the base data to log these operations and to be clear the report looks fine when…