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Password containing mail sent to group mailbox instead of person mail

Hello people,

we have an use case where after creation of service account password credentials is shared to requester but for few mail is sent to group mailbox which was set up in config param.

We suspect this issue is  happening because of match pattern membership on AD account.

Please note mail address is updated in identity

Address calculation : 

Dim address As String = ""
Dim strWhere As String = ""
Dim f As ISqlFormatter = Connection.SqlFormatter
Dim colPerson As IColDbObject = Connection.CreateCol("Person")

strWhere = f.Comparison("UID_Person",VI_GetValueOfObject("PersonWantsOrg","CustomProperty07", VI_GetValueOfObject("AJG_NonPerson", "AJG_ADSAccount", $UID_ADSAccount$, "UID_AJG_NonPerson"),"UID_PersonOrdered") , ValType.String, CompareOperator.Equal, FormatterOptions.None)

colPerson.Prototype.WhereClause = strWhere
For Each p As IColElem In colPerson
Dim person as ISingleDbObject = p.Create()
Dim culture As String = person.Custom.CallMethod("GetCulture").ToString()

If address <> "" Then address &= "; "
address &= person.GetValue("DefaultEmailAddress").String & " (" & culture & ")"
Next p
If String.IsNullOrEmpty(address) Then
If Connection.GetConfigParm("TargetSystem\ADS\DefaultAddress") <> "" Then
address = Connection.GetConfigParm("TargetSystem\ADS\DefaultAddress")
Throw New Exception(#LD("The mail '{0}' can not be sent to a recipient, neither to '{1}' nor to the mailbox stored in configuration parameter '{2}').", _
Connection.GetConfigParm("TargetSystem\ADS\Accounts\InitialRandomPassword\SendTo\MailTemplateAccountName"), _
Connection.GetConfigParm("TargetSystem\ADS\Accounts\InitialRandomPassword\SendTo"), _
End If
End If

Value = address

Any views on how this can be corrected can?

Thanks in advance