One Identity Service and Job Server on the same server?j

Hi, I'm using version 8 and I've installed into an Azure lab for learning purposes. I have three servers, a web server, service server and database server. I've installed the One Identity Service on the service server and then proceeded to add a job server to the same server. The install all works fine and I've set the job configuration but in Job Queue Info the server is showing as 'Unable to connect to the remote server' and navigating to port 1880 gives me a 404, and if I run a sync job with that job server selected, the process does nothing, it doesn't start or freeze just stays at True. I've got event and file logging on the job server and although there is some info in the file log, there are no errors. Is there any problem with the job server being on the same server as the one identity service? If not, where else should I look to resolve my problem and get the job server operational? btw is there any way to search these forums?