Syncronising to Exchange 2019

I want to know if I can create Synchronisation projects with Exchange 2019. I'm using version 8.0. I've installed the Exchange module and I can see in Create New Synchronisation Project that there is only an option for 2010, 2013 and 2016. Perhaps I can just select 2016 to synchronise with 2019? The documentation doesn't give a clear answer. On this page it says 2019 cumulative update 1 is supported: : 

"One Identity Manager supports synchronization with Microsoft Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 or later, Microsoft Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1 or later, Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Microsoft Exchange 2019 with Cumulative Update 1."

But here

"One Identity Manager supports synchronization with Microsoft Exchange 2010, Service Pack 3 or later, Microsoft Exchange 2013, Service Pack 1 or later and Microsoft Exchange 2016."

So can I synchronise with 2019 cumulative update 1? If so which project do I select when I want to create a synchronisation project?