Reorder product on Web Portal

Hi all!

I have a problem with Web Portal. An order which is cancelled (aborted, dismissed or unsubscribed) should be able to reorder. All products are created according the next scheme: Service Item – Assignment Resource – Business Role – Group. BUT the module VI_ITShop_PWO_Detail has view condition: ResendRequestAllowed(from PersonWantsOrg select current UID_PersonWantsOrg), and ResendRequestAllowed() function has the next code:



from PersonWantsOrg select

  (Orderstate in ('Aborted', 'Dismissed', 'Unsubscribed')

  and (uid_personinserted = (select uid_person from user) or uid_personordered = (select uid_person from user))

  and (IsNullOrEmpty(OrderDetail1) and IsNullOrEmpty(OrderDetail2) and IsNullOrEmpty(ObjectKeyAssignment))

  and getconfig("VI_ITShop_OrderHistory_ResendOrder")="true")

where UID_PersonWantsOrg = UID


The problem is that I cannot resend an order. All my PWO records contains not null ObjectKeyAssignment. This column is not null because it`s filled for all products created via Assignment Resource (QERAssign).

Is there any logic from vendor that it`s not possible to reorder service item created via Assignment Resource?