• Unable to insert record in PersonWantsOrg table via. a custom script

    Hi All,

    Our Dell one identity current version is 7.1.3.

    I have a sync process that pulls data from anther database to one identity database. During this it inserts a records in PersonWantsOrg table. unfortunately, it is failing to insert a record and…

  • Reorder product on Web Portal

    Hi all!

    I have a problem with Web Portal. An order which is cancelled (aborted, dismissed or unsubscribed) should be able to reorder. All products are created according the next scheme: Service Item – Assignment Resource – Business Role – Group. BUT the…

  • What is the proper way of importing closed PWO from one environment to the next?


    As part of a migration from v6.1.2 to v8.0.1, we have to migrate some data, including notable closed PWO.
    By closed PWO, we mean PWO which have an OrderState in a viPWOOrderState with isClosed = 1 (OrderState IN (SELECT orderstate FROM viPWOOrderState…