How to Synchronize Active Directory and Azure with 4 different domains of Active Directory and AzureAD to OneIM out of them 1 AD and 1 Azure tenant is already connected to oneIM.


I have a requirement to manage multiple domains of AzureAD and Active Directory from One IM.

I feel this is a normal Use-case and I feel product support this.

Need help in understanding below:

  • I have to synchronize only few limited User Account object from AD, Which is the best place to configure filter/scope for this configuration, Should I use variable (If yes , Guide me how) or should I keep separate workflow and put filter in 'Processing' tab of Workflows. What is the best way to manage multiple domains with various different scope of user to be synced to One IM. Please share some link, documents or example or more details like screen shots if someone has done this already.  
  • When I need to Synchronize only User Account objects should I also be needing to sync dependent objects like Group details or Manager details. Or I can sync only user accounts as well.
  • What and how to check impact analysis is done properly and no system is messed up. Any documents is someone created.
  • I also want to create a Excel file with list of all the tasks. Please recommend .

  Requesting your help to Please guide here