Exchange 2010 to 2016 Connectivity Migration

We are using Identity Manager 8.0.2 and out of box Exchage 2010 Connector.

We were initially connected to Exchange 2010 server for mailbox lifecycle management. Recently, exchange 2010 mailboxes are migrated to 2016 and now in our infrastructure, two environments are running in parallel.

Provisioning is working fine from 1IDM for new mailboxes since we are using exchange 2010 out of box connector and still have connectivty with Exch 2010 server. Howerver, we are not able to modify old users and disable mailboxes. Most of these users don't have mailboxes in 1IDM as it got migrated to Exch 2016 and we are getting below error messages for modification/disable operations:

Error executing synchronization project (Microsoft Exchange 2010 'MOBILY' (only recipients from's workflow (Provisioning).
[1777124] Error executing projection step (Mailbox) of projection configuration (Provisioning (Provisioning)).
[1777219] Error executing synchronization step (Mailbox)!
[1777004] Method (Update (Update)) could not be executed successfully.
[VI.Base.PowerShell.Runner.PipelineHasErrorsExeption] The following errors occured during execution:
Unsupported source mailbox version. The supported versions are: Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007 (SP2 and above), Exchange 2003 (SP2 and above)

Since our initial project was built using Exch 2010 connector and I believe, user lifecycle operations would not be supported with this connector, can I just modify existing project to use Exch 2016 connector and update IP address of new server? Actully I don't want to change all the project modifications, attribute mapping done by the implementer? Appreciate your support and help in this regard

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  • Hi,

    I see you have opened a service request for this as well.  As Dax mentioned, you may need to create a new project using the Microsoft Exchange 2016 connector.  That might be all you need to do.

    So any mailboxes on 2016 should be manageable from 1IM.  A full sync with the new connector should take of this, but be sure to test thoroughly.

    I'm sure Dax will provide further information via the service request as well.