• The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure

    Hi, i'm currently using 8.1.3, and i'm facing this error while sending a mail.

    (2022-06-20 12:58:22.900) [System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException] The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.
    at StdioProcessor…

  • Hybrid Exchange Connector - Command launched from One Identity

    I made an Hybrid Exchange Connector and I was asking: is it possible to see somewhere commands (powershell I guess) launched from OneIdentity against Exchange during provisioning through an Hybrid Exchange connector?

    In particular we would like to know…

  • Exchange 2010 to 2016 Connectivity Migration

    We are using Identity Manager 8.0.2 and out of box Exchage 2010 Connector.

    We were initially connected to Exchange 2010 server for mailbox lifecycle management. Recently, exchange 2010 mailboxes are migrated to 2016 and now in our infrastructure, two 

  • unable to push the Mailbox marked for deletion.

    Hi Team,

    I am unable to push the Mailbox marked for deletion from Manager(target system sync Exchnage)

    when trying to push getting below error

    error message:

    Error generating processes for event Update.
    Error executing script 'Event_Update'.

  • How to get the disabled Mailbox object from "DialogueDifferedOperation" table to Actual EXOMailbox table

    i have scenario like when an  mailbox object expires then it will be  moved to "DialogueDiferredOperation" table for deleting it ( after 60 days it will be deleted as per the waiting period) from "EXOmailbox" table.But i have a disabled mailbox in…

  • Set Mailbox language in MS Exchange 2010

    Hey everyone,

    in One Identity 7.1.2 we are trying to set the language of a MS Exchange 2010 Mailbox via process. We set the process step with the function "PowerShellComponent - Execute Script" with the Parameters:

    - Script -> Value = "set-Mailbox…