Prepare Environment for Upgrade - DBQueue issues??

Currently on 8.1.0. Trying to get to 8.1.2.  Current issue is that the 'Clean Up Product Nodes in IT Shop' is blocking the DB Queue.

Taken a back up of Production. Restored to Dev, as it's a good idea to have a copy of production info/data/ to validate the migration path and don't know if there is an easier way to just get the core production designer process/scripts, rather than a full Prod back up and restore.
Have completed a deep delete of the domains etc took 24hrs+ to complete.
Have sync'd Dev Domains and Data etc
The 'Clean Up Product Nodes in IT Shop' is blocking the DB Queue as it processes these a few a minute and has been preventing other items in the QBqueue from running. Began with 155 and a week and a half later there are still 100 'Clean Up Product Nodes in IT Shop' to process.
The DBqueue process creates these type of individual jobqueue entries: "SQLStmt delete PersonInBaseTree where (XObjectKey in ('<Key><T>PersonInITShopOrg</T><P>1A284969-822A-40F7-8D24-9E38C8501</P><P>19914e0b-54af-445e-8544-f70abdc6a</P></Key>')) and ( XOrigin = 0 )"
Trying to get over this hurdle which if left to it's own, appears that it will take another 2 weeks to self clear.
Any advice/thoughts?