Attribute templates on INSERT/UPDATE in verson 6

Hello guys,

I'm working with the Q1IM version 6.1.4 and I'm stuck in my template scripting for a custom Person attribute (made by the schema extension tool). The goal is to:
- set a default value for this attribute when a new Person is created
- set an another value only if the Person becomes inactive
My custom attribute has a defined list of values(0,1..etc)

Here is my template script:
If Not $[IsLoaded]:Bool$ Then
Value = 0
Else If $IsInactive[c]$ Then
If $IsInactive:Bool$ Then
Value = 1
End If
End If

It doesn't work for the creation (Person INSERT), but it works perfectly when Person becomes inactive. I also noticed that, when I add a new Person object using ObjectBrowser, my attribute remains empty.
But if I run the Template calculation manually, it fills correctly my attribute.

Do you have any suggestion?Could you please help?