Access issue to login to Manager

I am not able to login to manger and getting below error message  and also with same account I am able to login to designer, Jobqueue info. We are using 6.1.2 version.

Please let me know what might be the issue to accessing the manager.

Errro message:

""Error during execution of statement:
select distinct o.preProcessorString
from dialogConfigparm c
join DialogConfigparmOption o on c.uid_Configparm = o.uid_configparm and isnull(c.value, N'') = isnull(o.optionvalue, N'')
where c.isPreProcessorCondition = 1
and isnull(c.value, N'') <> N''
and dbo.vid_getvalueofConfigparm(c.fullpath) not in (N'', N'0')
order by o.preProcessorString
Database error 229:
The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'vid_GetValueOfConfigparm', database 'XXXXXXXXX', schema 'dbo'.""