Getting UIDs of newly created AttestationCases

Hello Community,

I'm using the method CreateAttestations in a script with an array of objectkeys as input:

Dim arrXObjKey As String() = colObjects.Select(Of String)(Function(t) t.GetValue(Of String)("XObjectKey")).ToArraySmart()
Dim policy As IEntity = Session.Source.Get("AttestationPolicy", uidAttestPolicy)

policy.CallMethod("CreateAttestations", arrXObjKey)

As I understand, the method CreateAttestations returns the objectkeys of the newly created AttestationCases. My question: what is the correct way to get these return values? I tried something like this, but i keep getting error messages:

Dim arrNewXObjKeys As String() = CStr(policy.CallMethod("CreateAttestations", arrXObjKey)).ToArraySmart

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


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