Best practice passing objects from Composition API to a DialogScript


this is a followup to the already answered question How to invoke a script from within the Composition API.

I want to pass an object of a certain type to the DialogScript function. Since custom classes implemented in the Composition API are not known to the DialogScript implementation, we use the common System.Object:

var scriptClass = qr.Session.Scripts().GetScriptClass(ScriptContext.Scripts);
var runner = new ScriptRunner(scriptClass, qr.Session);

var params = new object[]
    new List<Object>()
        new { Account = "ac2", Name = "King" },
        new { Account = "ch3", Name = "Lee" }

Unfortunately the DialogScripts and compilation is set to Option Strict On which does not allow late binding. Therefore its quite unhandy to use the objects that have been passed to the VB.NET script. Is there any best practice how to handle such a situation where you need to handle anonymous types in a VB.NET script in the context of OIM?