• Best practice passing objects from Composition API to a DialogScript


    this is a followup to the already answered question How to invoke a script from within the Composition API.

    I want to pass an object of a certain type to the DialogScript function. Since custom classes implemented in the Composition API are not…

  • D1IM 7.1.2 templates are not working when creating an object via script


    Since we have migrated our System from 6.1.3 to 7.1.2 we have the problem with some custom sync scripts, because they try to create a new object in the tables UNSAccountB and UNSGroupB. But the creation process fails due to not working template for…

  • Script: delete a business role with its assignment resource


    With this script, I try to delete a business role and the associated assignement resource.

    The script works fine but I am not sure to use the best way to do this.

    For exemple, I can not manage to directly get an object from database (I extract all…