One Identity Manager Report Editor : custom colors on the Treemap chart

Dear all, 

I would like to define custom colors in the Treemap chart based on argument list (in "Series" Tab --> "Conditions" option. ex : Filed is [Argument] - Date Type is [ String] - Condition [ Containing] - Value [ArgValue])  so the different squares shown in the chart will have a proper color depending on the argument value. 

I don't know why but the chart is not taking those conditions in account. Still, the colors by default are shown. 

I've set the same kind of  conditions with the Pie chart and it's working properly. 

So I even tried to create a color - argument list based on Json data source  but same results with the Treemap chart  : only colors by default are shown. 

So my question is : Is there any parameter specific to the Treemap chart that needs to be enabled/disabled so custom colors can be set ? I've tried to modify many parameters but didn't figure out how to enable custom colors. 

Many thanks for your help. 

Olivier Bouteleux. 

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