Uninstall Defender Desktop Login 5.9.1 programmatically

Hello all,

First time poster.  Need your assistance.  We have a large environment and we use SCCM to manage all machines.  I need to uninstall version 5.9.1 from all machines and I am having a hard time doing that using script or programmatically.  I tried using the MSI uninstall string:

MsiExec.exe /x {2A78596F-361A-43BA-8BD7-79226B5D1B7E} /qn

but that throws error 1619

I tried using the original MSI installer:

msiexec.exe /uninstall .\RemoteDesktop_1.2.1524.0_x64.msi /qn

that does not do anything, just sits there.  I read all the documentation and googled and nothing.  please help.  Thank you.