• Script for pwd gen and putting value into ADSAccount UserPassword field


    I've created a script to generate the password taking the xobjectkey as input and returning the password.

    Here's my script:

    Public Function CCC_Generate_Password_AD(ByVal accountXobjectKey As String) As String
    Dim entity As IEntity = Session…

  • Vb Script Editor in V8.2.1 without Intellisense


    We have upgraded from v8.1.3 to v8.2.1 and since then we miss the IntelliSense function in VB.Script Editor.



    If I type String. , there is no picker that shows all methods of String…

  • Creating enabled applications

    Hi, I would like to ask if this is correct behavior of the application - I'm creating AOBApplication object in the custom script using PropertyBag but application is created as disabled, while using other approaches object are created correctly. Please…

  • Resetting a VB option in a custom script

    I am writing a custom script in which I am Deserializing a response I am getting from an API call into an Object as shown by this piece of code:

    Dim jss = New JavaScriptSerializer()
    Dim data As Object = jss.Deserialize(Of Object)(responseFromServer)

  • Separate creating unique values for multiple objects simultaneously

    Hi. I have a script that creates unique values when adding new object in UNSAccountB. This script is used in process that starts on the Insert event. Process takes UID processed object and send UID to script (process is generated for each single object…

  • Query in a scrip with order by condition

    Hi everyone,

    I'm creating a custom scrip in which I need to execute a query with the order by clause. I specified it in the where caluse but there is a default "order by cn" in the final query. Here you can see the two queries.

    Where clasue…

  • Modelling roles in custom target system


    I have a custom target system that I have set up with Scripted Synchronization. I can set up account insert/modify/delete through the scripts without issue. Each account in the system belongs to one and only one role, and that's what I'm having…

  • Query from a View in a script

    We need to run a query in a Script. We have created a View that we will query. It is done this way because we want to simplify the script

    This is our code for the Query:

    Dim qPersonWantsOrg = Query.From("View_Avbestilling")

    View_Avbestilling is…

  • Uninstall Defender Desktop Login 5.9.1 programmatically

    Hello all,

    First time poster.  Need your assistance.  We have a large environment and we use SCCM to manage all machines.  I need to uninstall version 5.9.1 from all machines and I am having a hard time doing that using script or programmatically.  I tried…

  • Does Key Resolution by reference work with XObjectKey?


    We are planning to provide an application with information from the One-IM database.
    Here we have created a custom table - including with a column CCC_DepartmentX, which contains the XObjectKey of the department. 

    Since it is an MSSQL database, we…

  • Create DB Objects

    OIM Versoin 8.1

    I'm reading the SDK and trying to execute some of the examples and I'm not having much luck with creating DB objects.

    It looks like everything is OK, there are no errors but nothing is being saved to the database. Maybe I'm overlooking…

  • D1IM 7.1.2 templates are not working when creating an object via script


    Since we have migrated our System from 6.1.3 to 7.1.2 we have the problem with some custom sync scripts, because they try to create a new object in the tables UNSAccountB and UNSGroupB. But the creation process fails due to not working template for…

  • Orderby quering the database with script

    Hi all,


    I need to get the reasonHead from Decisiontype Unsubscribe on a Request but if on that request are started more Unsubscribe I need to get the last one made.

    Basically I need the orderby on Connection.getSingleValue or Connection.getSingleRow.

  • Check out the NEW One Identity YouTube Technical Training Videos!

    Our One Identity Team just launched a new One Identity YouTube channel. We have over 100 technical training videos for One Identity Manager and Cloud Access Manager.

    Check it out and subscribe to the channel for the latest updates: https://www.youtube…

  • Delay in script


    Any way to introduce a delay in the script? Like sleep(x), avoiding using loops


  • vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze


    we are migrating to V7.1.1.

    I can't find the function vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze in the database.

    How can we trigger an Dataset Insert / Update via SQL ?

    We have special programming in SQL, so DataImporter is no alternative.

    exec vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze…

  • How to set UNSAccountB as Outstanding in vb script in V7 (XmarkedForDeletion)

    How to set an UNSAccountB as Outstanding by using a VB Script (XmarkedForDeletion = 2)

  • How to inject a request for a role, related to another role ? Something for Geraldine !

    In our environment, we created a structure of business roles and made them requestable. Works fine offcourse ;-) But some resources, tied to the role need to follow a specific approval flow using multiple approvers. So my plan is to avoid to create extra…

  • RE: ObjectKeyAssignment@PersonWantsOrg is not populated at time the request is approved (event: Granted)

    I did some testing in my version and PersonWantsOrg.ObjectKeyAssignment was always filled in my 7.0.2 environment.

    The reason for not getting the CustomProperty01 value of your requested Org Membership is, that the Membership does not exist at the time…

  • VB to Powershell help

    We used to have a script that would run post create that would send out a email to notify certian people that a new users had been created.  we had a detailed VB script that did this, however since the upgrade to QC 5.0 this no longer is the case,  support…