Synchronization Process Stuck in 'PROCESSING' status.


I'm having an issue with the One Identity Manager Connector (One Identity Manager ver. 8.1). The Synchronization Process is Stuck in PROCESSING Status and Job Server Log file (Debug Mode ON ) gives no information about a possible error during the execution. Checking out the StdioProcessor Logs, I discovered some errors returned at the beginning of the synchronization. 

  2021-03-01 18:02:43.5286 ERROR (DatabaseJournalRecorder 5eb69c46-ca19-405b-a1c6-a5a6aeacebe5) : One or more errors occurred. System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> VI.Base.ViException: The object was already saved. Reload it to do any further changes.

After a few minutes, I saw (in the Synchronization Editor) the button ''RESET'' on the StartUp Configuration page.

The process has been in 'PROCESSING' for two days , then I had to delete it manually. 

The problem occurs every time  I execute the StartUp Configuration.

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