OneIM DB Migration and Restore - Compile DB Error


We are running OneIM 8.1.3 and are in the process of having to migrate our current production DB to a different server.  We followed the standard guide on how to backup, restore DB, manually replicated the user permissions on new server, etc...and are now trying to run the DB Compiler tool; however getting errors.  We've actually run into several issues and have tried different fixes, some of which get us further down the process.  We've also gone ahead and tried Restoring the OneIM DB with same original name and additionally a different name to the new server.  

Now when we run the DB Compiler Tool  (both from Start and .exe file) after DB Restore onto new server, we initially get a; "the database is new or was restored from a different database, do you want to create a new DB ID now?".  We then Click Next.

Once we click next, we connect to the new local DB (either same name DB or new name DB) we then get a generic;  "Error flushing changes to database".  Not sure how to get around this as we've tried couple things, but we can't seem to get either of the 2 D'sB running on the new server.  Any ideas how to address?  Thanks in advance