• Could not find referenced assembly VI.TSUtils.Dll

    I'm compiling the database on a sql server 2017, installed on a windows server 2019 and I get the following message during compilation: "Could not find referenced assembly VI.TSUtils.Dll.", when I close the error message is prompted for a authentication…

  • I am not able to compile the database

    I am not able to compile the database in One Identity Maneger 8.1.4 installation, I am using SQL server 2017 as database.
    I received the following error message:
    "Processing step 'QBM ContentWaitForProcessing (wait for processing initial content)' failed…

  • Data Import error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running One Identity Manager 8.1.5, and I got an error importing data from CSV using the Data Import tool.

    The CSV contains records not related directly to products (ITShopInfo not equal to 'PR').

    The table I'm importing…

  • Load balancer and DB status check

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running One Identity Manager 8.1.5 in an environment with two web servers connected via load balancer. I know I can use the monitor or the Web Portal URL in order to make an health check for the server but I would like to ask if there…

  • Database compilation error

    Hi everyone,

    I installed One Identity Manager 8.1.4 on a machine and when I try to compile the DB I get the error in the image below

    Here some information:

         - Job Server status is up and running

         - service is running

        - log file contains only "Requesting…

  • Fetch Todays System date In Web Designer. By Default.

    Hi Everyone,

    We have a requirement while creating a new contractor manually from the IT shop, Joining Date should be automatically populated as the current date,
    so that users cannot select the previous date, and in the case of leaving date, past dates…

  • OneIM DB Migration and Restore - Compile DB Error


    We are running OneIM 8.1.3 and are in the process of having to migrate our current production DB to a different server.  We followed the standard guide on how to backup, restore DB, manually replicated the user permissions on new server, etc...and…

  • cannot connect to database as it needs to be compiled.

    During the one IDM upgradation from 8.1.1 to 8.1.14 getting error while connecting - cannot connect to database as it needs to be compiled. since we couldn't connect the DB how to compile it?

  • Problem viewing Objects within Synchronization Editor


    In a sync project in our development environment, I would like to use the Target System Browser to look at the attributes - especially the virtual ones - and check whether all virtual attributes are set correctly.
    However, I do not get any results…

  • Upgrade Path / Steps from to 8.1.2?

    Hi Fellow experts,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I know such similar questions have been asked before on this forum, but I'm unable to find the answer I need. So for my clarification I'm asking it anyways and I'm hoping you guys will help like always …

  • Rename Custom View Name

    Hi All ,

    We have a requirement  to change the view name of a custom view  and we don't want to re-create the view  . Actually  the older view has a name starting with DBG and currently with schema extension , we could only create veiw /table staring with…

  • MakeDecision job stuck in "processed" state.

    recently was found that all makedecision jobs just stuck in processing state and nothing happens.
    All other jobs successfuly executes and there is no isReset in dbqueue. Which means that object layer don't see any "contested" operations.…

  • HistoryDB / Job Chain "VI_SourceDatabase_Import " runs on Frozen


    We use version 8.0.3 in our test environment. We use two SQL servers - one for the main database and one for the history DB.

    We have set up historization to the extent that it should work. The connection between the two SQL servers is also available…

  • Creating a new One IM Database via the command Line


        Hoping a quick question, How do you create a new database via the Cli?

    I'm trying to replicate the functions of the ConfigWizard "Create and install database function/feature within a deployment script. I've found information that points…

  • Migrating OneIM DB for upgrade to 8.1

    Hi All, 

    I am working with a customer to upgrade their installation to 8.1 (from 7.1.2).  To do so SQL had to be upgraded to 2016 and they chose to create a new server and migrate teh DB. 

    Now the DB is on the new host, we are able to connect, and need…

  • One Identity Manager Database going to suspect mode

    Hi Experts 

    recently, I have upgraded my lab 1IM database from 8.0.2 to 8.1 after that I noticed the database going to suspect mode for no reason. 

    I restore the database from my backup however one day after I again found database is in suspect mode. Have…

  • how to connect to admin tools using Active Directory password authentication?


    We are trying to connect to admin tools using "Active Directory Password" authentication and system type used is "SQL Server". Provided below values

    1. UserID : <Active Directory Domain>\<Username>

    2. Password : Password…

  • Database Update to 8.0.2 (QBM FinalizeCustomer failed

    From either version 7.0.3 -> 8.0.2 or from 8.0.0 -> 8.0.2, occasionally the upgrade fails (we have done multiple proof of concept updates) with:

    Processing step 'QBM FinalizeCustomer (wait for post processing customer)' failed.
    at ConfigWizard…

  • Unable to connect to administrative workstation after restoring database


    We have restored database and compiled it but when we try to connect to admin tools (Manager, designer, etc), it throws below error.

    2019-02-12 07:20:58.4508 ERROR (WebLog Updater) : Error during auto update check: [1218004] You have connected either…

  • Getting error in while connecting to any of the tools


    I am getting below error while connecting to any of the tools (Manager, Designer, etc) 

    You have connected either to an old database, or to a database that is not correctly configured.

    When I try to Add new connection, it gets successfully added but…

  • Can One Identity manager be integrated with AWS cloud HSM for encryption/decryption of database


    Can One Identity manager be integrated with AWS cloud HSM for encryption/decryption of database? If yes, how to integrate it? Is there any documentation available? Thank you.

  • Dbqueue is not processing

    Hello experts,

    (Ver. 7.1.2)

    I come to you with a technical issue that we are experiencing and that is blocking all the processing in one of our environments.


    We currently have the DBqueue that seems like it is not processing anything at all. We have…

  • Exptected effects of database encryption on performance

    Is there a rough estimate available on how much performance suffers when enabling database encryption?

    How much would performance of the IT Shop suffer if personal data of employees was to be encrypted? How much longer would SAP HR imports take (they…

  • Problem with database performance

    Hello all,


    We are facing a problem with the database. We found out that when we are using the web portal, some pages are taking a lot of time to load. Digging into the problem, in the logs we can see a problem with a query related with the AccProduct…

  • How to create single DB object of the table which has two primary keys

    I am trying to create a single DB object of the table "PersonHasQERResource" as I want to update the custom attributes in the table for 1 record. How should I create the DB object in this case? Please help