Creating a new One IM Database via the command Line


    Hoping a quick question, How do you create a new database via the Cli?

I'm trying to replicate the functions of the ConfigWizard "Create and install database function/feature within a deployment script. I've found information that points me in the direction of Quantum.MigratorCmd.exe from a previous post in this forum but no firm answer of how to get it working. I did find an example for Quantum.MigratorCmd.exe within the Knowledge Base but I've given this a try and only get exceptions "DB is not online" so I'm assuming I'm missing something?



quantum.migratorcmd.exe /operation=INSTALL /connection="Data Source=myDBServer; Initial Catalog=OneIM;User ID=1IM_SQL_User;Password=myPassword" /system=MSSQL /destination="C:\myOneIMinstallLocation" /module="TSB,ATT,CPL,HDS,POL,RMB,RMS,RPS"


Source of example :>


Original thread Quantum.MigratorCmd.exe is mention in:


Thanks in advance