Web Portal editing IsInActive or ExitDate values

Using version 8.1.2, I am trying to edit values for either ExitDate or IsInActive fields, however I get a popup error message: "An error has occurred. The value is invalid Only date values are accepted. Verify your input." for the ExitDate and "An error has occurred. The value "true" is invalid. Verify your input." when trying to edit via Web Portal. Any other way editing the values works without an issue. Web Portal seems to think that input is of type string, not sure how as IsInActive field is a checkbox and ExitDate is a calendar popup. Looking in Web Designer I am directed to VI_Edit_Checkbox for IsInActive and VI_Edit_PropertyCaption for the date but I am not seeing any restriction there, no extensions were made there. Also, no restrictions on fields themselves in Web config project.

Has anyone seen this, is there some restrictions I am missing that attempts to force set a value as string into non-string data type fields?