Step by step execution of DBQueue tasks

Hi Team,

I'm trying to troubleshoot why an Attestation Approval Procedure is failing to determine an Approver. We can run the Query using Object Browser and return the expected Approvers. But when the Attestation run, the approvers aren't being determined and fallback users instead are being determined.

To troubleshoot, i was hoping to step through the DBQueue tasks step by step in hopes to get a better understanding on what is being executed.

I can recall the following procedure recommended a while back, to get debug information messages and monitor what happens step by step, but I lack the know how to proceed further. Are there any documentation that elaborates on the following steps?

1.Disable the SQL Server Agent for the WatchDog process

2.Stop the Agent for the Main process

3.Execute the Main process manually using slot 997
exec QBM_PDBQueueProcess_Main 997, <max. sortorder>


5.Reenable the WatchDog

I was expecting the DBQueue tasks to wait for a signal to continue to the next step or at least provide debug information in the System Journal, alas nothing.

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