Scheduled process fails to run, and does run when start manually.

Hi all,

We use One Identity Manager 8.1.5 which was just upgraded from 8.1.0

Also we have a scheduled process which used to run well in 8.1.0 but not in 8.1.5.

Need your suggestion how we can solve it. Thank you in advance 

1) There is a custom process (JobChain) )linked to UNSRootB table and IMPORT_ALL event.

2) The process has single step which runs a custom script with 3 parameters. Therefore, the step has parameters:
ParameterValue0 = ... something from $PC(ImportResumeInfo)$ and $PC(IgnoreAllThresholds)$ ...
ParameterValue1 = $XObjectKey$
ParameterValue2 = $PC(CHAIN)$

3)  Well, $PC(...)$ parameters are the parameters of the process itself:

4) This process has a schedule (DialogSchedule & JobAutoStart), designed to run every 6 hours and fires the event IMPORT_ALL.

5) When the job service  tries to run the process by schedule, the schedule fails with error:
[810103] Error generating processes for event IMPORT_ALL.
[810222] Error executing script 'Event_IMPORT_ALL'.
[810108] Error generation process step event IMPORT_ALL.
[810109] Error generating process CCC_CustomImportProcess.
[810110] Error generating process step Import Process Step.
[810156] Error generating parameter ParameterValue2.
[810107] Unknown process step generation parameter: CHAIN.
The event IMPORT_ALL was triggered for 1 object(s) of type UNSRootB.

6) However, when I try to run it manually (select the JobAutoStart record in Designer, right-click on it, select Execute), it runs without any issues