In portal, using "pending attestations": When switching from one attestation policy to an other, the displayed attestation cases do not get refreshed

Hello Experts,

did anybody came across the issue in the portal where the attestation cases are not getting refreshed when switching attestation policies?

Step 1: Click on "Pending Attestations"
Step 2: Click on "Switch policy view"
There has to be at least 2 Attestation policies in order to reproduce this error
Step 3: Click on the first attestation policy ==> the items of the first policy are getting displayed ==> all good
Step 4: Click on the blue back button (without approving/denying any case) ==> again the 2 attestation policies are displayed
Step 5: Click on the Second attestation policy ==> the items of the FIRST attestation policy (instead of the second) are getting displayed ==> not good

Version used:: 8.1.5

Thank you,