• In portal, using "pending attestations": When switching from one attestation policy to an other, the displayed attestation cases do not get refreshed

    Hello Experts,

    did anybody came across the issue in the portal where the attestation cases are not getting refreshed when switching attestation policies?

    Step 1: Click on "Pending Attestations"
    Step 2: Click on "Switch policy view"

  • Attestation. Remove Person from Dynamic Business role


    1IM 8.1 SP2. 

    I turned on parameter "QER\Attestation\AutoRemovalScope\RoleMembership\RemoveDynamicRole". But Person not remove from Dynamic role membership in Business role when Attestation deny. If Person have direct assignment to the Business…

  • What is the proper way of closing Attestation Run ?

    For example i've startet a Attestation of some Objects(5000). The Attestation Policy is set for 7 days (Time required). After this period 3000 Attestation Cases are closed with granted/deny decision. So when i want to close this run i need to do something…

  • Issue While approving the attestation; ATT_PattestationHelperFillAll is stuck in jobqueue as reset= Yes

    Hi Experts,

    I am having an issue while approving the pending attestation and it is throwing below error:

    Also in Jobqueue a job is stucked with  Isreset=Yes, Auxillary routing for ATT_PAttestationHelperFillAll, Procedure simulates bulk mode.


  • Attestation Report for Approved Entitlements?

    Hello - We are leveraging OneIM 8.1.3 and currently have an attestation process setup for our ADS Domain administrators.  The managers are able to Approve/Deny the users successfully within the IT Shop Web Portal; however our question is, where can we…

  • Attestation - How to display a variable as URL/Link on Information tab ?


    Is it possible to show a variable as Link/URL among information tab (Web Portal ) for an Attestation campaign ?

    Have tried $PC <parameter>$ on the attestation procedure but can only show a message text.

    Version : 8.1.4.

    Thank you for your…

  • Attestation removal of customized attestation policies and attestation procedures.

    Hi all,

    I have a question related with the attestation removal. In my project, we have many attestation policies with customized attestation procedure. When the attestation is denied, the requested entitlements should be aborted. I found that the "Abort…

  • Attestation Approval Workflow with AutoDecision

    Hi All

    We've the following use case while Role membership Attestation.

    For example all members of an ESet has to be re-certified. The ESet itself can be ordered from within the Shop and the ESets have Risklevel set. Depends on the Risklevel, the approval…

  • Delegation and attestation


    Is it so that if manager delegates employee to another manager the attestation does not recognize it and post the attestation case to the original manager. 

    Best Regards


  • Pending attestations mit delegation

    Hello to all, 

    i hope you can help to undetstand how this works.

    I (person A) delegate the role "Manger of person" from Person X to another person B.

    After this, an attestation process runs and both persons (A and B) gets the pending attestations…

  • Fallback approver for attestation

    Hello Team,

    Can I assign role : Identity & Access Governance\Attestation\Chief approval team for my fallback approver person so that they can be approving attestations for which there was no approver available? 

  • Potential SQL injection attack by brute-force on WebPortal - Attestation - Business role attestation


    I am getting sql injection error on WebPortal while trying to perform attestation for a business roles.

    I am using version 8.1.1

    WebApp log:

    Module instance created: ATT_Attestation_MyAttestations
    2020-12-16 15:15:12.3358  INFO (    WebLog s0xjgi1ydmrf0vz3qcopxvxx…

  • Report in a attestation pass parameter to report

    Hello, I built a report and want to attach it to a certain attestations case. I put the report in the attestation procedure. I also setup a specific mail template that states to attach the report. Can anyone tell me what else I need to consider? The report…

  • System Role Membership Attestation

    I have a question with system role membership attestation. 

    I have a requirement that every 12 months after an Employee is added to a certain system role (PersonHasESet).

    I've  added a condition to only retrieve memberships (PersonHasESet) from the…

  • Azure read only for attestations

    I have a use case for attesting to Azure DirectoryRole assignments. This is the only use case we have for connecting to Azure from OneIM. The customer is hesitant to grant us the permissions of Global Admin as discussed in the OneIM documentation as we should…
  • Problem with button “Deny” in Attestation Workflows.

    When we deny an attestation approval, the product shows the next error:

    We have check if the product doesn’t have the required dll (ATT.CompositionApi.dll), and we have check if the script has any error, but it compiles normally.


    Error executing…

  • Compliance Risk check during attestation


    Hope everyone is having a nice time :)

    I have a query and require assistance.

    We are trying to configure Attestation in the IAM solution(8.0.1).

    In our request workflows we have configured SoD checks using the 'CR - Compliance check simplified'…

  • Attestation mail events are not getting triggered


    We are working on One IM version 8.0 and we have restored our database. But, now attestation mails are not getting triggered. We see that event "DecisionRequired" should get triggered when a new attestation is raised or when a new ITshop request is…

  • Creating Attestation Policy in Web Portal v8.0.1

    So I'm trying to create a custom attestation policy in the web portal and I'm finding that I'm only getting access to the OOB attestation procedures, approval policies, etc.  I cannot select the custom ones I created in Manager.  Is this by…

  • where to check the attestation status for user self-register? Identity manager 7.1.2

     A user self-register triggered a new user attestation , where can check the attestation workflow status for the new user ?Only IT can help check the status for him ?or any other way to check by himself ?

    Please help ........Thanks a ton !!

  • New user attestation approval flow advice OIM 8.0.1

    Hey all,

    So in a scenario where business units across the enterprise have differing hierarchies, I was wondering what your thoughts would be on handling the following.

    1. New person is inserted

      1. Person has direct manager
        1. New user attestation sent to the…
  • How to make attestation as a self service feature


    I want to attestation to be made as self service so that manager can run attestation on the objects. Right now, attestation runs on schedule basis or can be ran from backend (Manager) but I want to make this feature available in front end as well.…

  • New user certification version 8.0

    Hi ,

    I have customized the new user certification process with approval steps.

    In my case where a group of members will create the consultants and they want to check the status, currently consultants line manager can only check.

    Am not sure which permission…

  • Attestation of Application Roles in case of an event

     HI Experts,


    I need to implement an attestation use case where attestation can be triggered on an event. For.e.g. Whenever an entitlement is assigned to a user in a connected endpoint ( like AD) and upon Reconciliation , the entitlement is updated in…

  • User Recertification auto Aborted by system

    Hi All,

    During Attestation certification about 16k Attestation cases were created out of which about 120 were auto closed by the system.

    - These 120 attestations were Aborted with message " #LDS#Automatic system approval:  No approver available.|…