custom process: no approver available for attestation


If there is something that needs to be approved, but no approver is available, the system will abort the task with the reason "#LDS#Automatic system approval: No approver available.|".

This is true for IT Shop requests and attestation cases, and possibly other cases that I am not aware of.

I need to create a process which sends an email in order to add an approver.

For IT Shop requests, I have created a custom process on PersonWantsOrg which does the job without any issues.

However, aborts on attestation cases seem to work differently. There isn't even an event for abort on AttestationCase.

The only thing I see getting fired by the system is "JobChainName Created by QBMDBQueueProcess: call method Abort for object type AttestationCase".

Has anyone built something similar for AttestationCase?

How can I trigger the custom process on abort on AttestationCase?



Identity Manager 9.1.1