Last Working Day is different to Account Expiration Date


When I set an exit date for an employee, the account expiration data is one day to early. I assume this must somehow be related to a time zone setting, but I cannot find it.


  • In Person exit date is 31.12.2021 2:00am (I have no idea why 02:00 am...)
  • In Active Directory Account Expiration Date is 30.12.2021

How can I solve that?

Best, Denny

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  • Okay. I think the behavioral change is coming from the new option to define the DateTime behavior (Date add-on) at the column definition (DialogColumn.DateTimeDetail). It controls the UTC-DateTime conversion behavior and might lead to that time difference.

    I assume that your DateTimeDetail is set to 0=Date and Time for Person.ExitDate and 1=Only date for ADSAccount.AccountExpires. Depending on your TimeZone settings of your clients and/or Job Servers setting the values at the Person and ADSAccount objects this may lead to the issue you are describing.

    I suggest contacting support to help you with this one. We introduced a fix in 8.2.1 that should mitigate your issue as well but it would need further debugging that I am not able to do here in the community

  • You are right. In Person it is set to DateAndTime and in ADSAccount the value for DateTimeDetail is set to Date only. I can't change the values, so I will contact the support to help me setting it correctly.

  • Hi,

    is this fix also included in Version 9.0, because I think I have the same problem but I'm using version 9.0. 
    Best regards


  • Hi, We still not using this field. However, I received this Answer from the Support.

    Hello Denny,

    After discussing this issue internally we have determined that the values on the Identity Manager side should not be changed as per the explanation below:

    When Microsoft ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) shows an expiration date on the User interface, it means at the end of that day. This really means any time during the next day. For example, if ADUC shows the expiration date as "End of: 30.12. 2021", this really means  "30, 2021 24:00", which is the same as "31.12.2021 00:00". The actual expiration date of 31.12.2021 02:00 PM will also show as "End of: 30.12.2021 in ADUC. In fact, an expiration date of  31.12.2021 23:59:59 still shows as "End of: 30.12.2021" in ADUC.