Is there a provision to view the list of employees who are not assigned to a manager? Understand that we have attestation policy in place, however, I was given a scenario to check if we can see the list of users without manager at one go?

Dear All, 

I'm currently working in v9.0 and was given a scenario to see if we can view the list of users without a manager in one identity (set aside attestation policy for the moment)

Scenario to replicate.

1) I have created a user manually (say John Wesley), but didn't assign the manager intentionally as it is not a mandatory field.

2) Customer noticed that there are list of users who are not assigned to a manager (either thru CSV Connector or Manual entry in one identity, say there are around 25 users without a manager for now).

3) Customer wants us to create a custom defined company policy, where these users be routed through a HR department team (Policy supervisor kind of) and they should assign the manager based on their region.

I believe, there should be a provision to handle these scenarios too, just my hunch. 

Looking forward for your insights.