How do StringErrors work in IDM?

I would like to know how StringErrors work, for example the message that is displayed on the Login screen "[1205002] You are not authorized to use this database.", it is not translated (and it is not even found in the DialogMultiLanguage table), neither is it modifiable through VI_Common_Login which also does not reveal its root just a component that customizes its design, however in the native language which is German it is translated without problems, so I would like to know if there is any process, procedure, processor task, that IDM does to translate into German that we can use to translate into our language, or change the error message?

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  • Since you are on 8.2.1 you can use the following approach.

    Create a new text file called VI.Base.custom.vii (use UTF-8 with BOM encoding) with the following content (the value for the error string is just a sample of course).

    strError1205002="You shall not pass."
    strError1205002="You shall not pass."

    Place the file where the other binaries of One Identity Manager are placed. In case of your Web Designer portal you need to place it on the bin directory of the Web Designer portal and / or on the bin directory of the Application Server depending on you used connection scheme (SQL or Application Server).