• Resize identity image - Web Designer

    Hello everyone,

    How can I resize the jpeg picture of an identity on the Web Portal? The images we have are too big (for example, 604x906 px), so they are being cropped on the master data page of the employee.

    Is it possible to resize the images on the…

  • Issue with Web Designer

    While Opening the web designer I am getting the below error:

    user doesn't have permission to enter the web portal. How to fix this issue?

    I am using version 8.0.

  • pointing my ingress domain something.com to kubernetes ingress domain web.example.com using cname is not working

    have a domain name web.example.com in kubernetes ingress . When I point another domain something.com to web.example.com the ingress is not allowing this domain . The page is not opening . I need several domains to kubernetes ingress domain . These domains…

  • How do StringErrors work in IDM?

    I would like to know how StringErrors work, for example the message that is displayed on the Login screen "[1205002] You are not authorized to use this database.", it is not translated (and it is not even found in the DialogMultiLanguage table), neither…

  • Make a custom columns view automatically selected in WebPortal

    Hi everyone,

    Is there a way to automatically select a saved custom view at page load in One Identity 8.1.5?

    Basically, I would like to select this

    without have to do it every time.


  • Web Portal Installation - Cannot connect to database 'XXX\OneIM' because a system update is running.

    Hi all,

    while installing web portal on One Identity 8.2.1, I face the following error:

    Server Error in '/IdentityManager' Application.
    Cannot connect to database 'XXX\OneIM' because a system update is running.
    Description: An unhandled exception occurred…

  • How to remove passcode from the Webportal.

    Hi All ,

    Have an issue where the manager can see the passcode set option for his employees. This does not have any functionality and does not do anything. But where can this be configured to be removed from the Webportal ?



  • Web Portal using Docker image

    trying to install the WebPortal using the Docker image here https://hub.docker.com/r/oneidentity/oneim-web

    with the linux-amd64-8.2 tag and the following environment variables/secrets:

    export APPLICATIONTOKEN=abcdef
    export APPSERVERCONNSTRING="http:/…

  • Is there an effective way to show items in the ITShop for single role applications?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a single role application and i want to show the items in the ITShop in a way that makes clear this fact. I would like to force the user to select either a role or another, someting like a dropdown to select the role he/she wants. 

  • Hidden field in the web portal product details

    Hi everyone,

    I've configured the web portal to show the description of an item when you are on the catalogue. I've added the column and inserted the query to get the data from the product but it has a strange behavior, the field is not shown when…

  • Create report with two related tables


    You would need to create a report in which you relate the Person table and the PersonPasswordHistory table to the common field UID_Person.

    So that the report shows me the password changes along with the name and surname.

    How can i configure this…

  • Making use of DialogCulture setting in HTML5 Web application


    we have a custom webshop that combines a HTML5 web application and the current v.8.1 Webportal. If i set a user's culture (Person.UID_Culture) the Webportal language changes accordingly even though the accept-language setting of the browser differs…

  • How to create two different container in MasterPane?

    I have to display two grids conditionally.
    There is MasterPane with only one container Inside that container there is Grid node. Here I want to add another container at same level but system not showing option to new node as container.
    So I created two child…

  • Error message while searching for a user in the front end portal

    Hi Team,

    I am trying to open the PROD front end IT shop portal and try to search for the user and see what roles user is having and run the violation for the roles.

    When I start searching of the user in the front end, it keeps on loading and loading and…

  • Restrict property to be read-only


    Can someone tell me if a script can be used to restrict property to be read only for my profile? v8.1.3

    We have a need to ensure that internal employees don't edit certain things since most data comes from HR.

    External users should be able to…

  • WebPortal: Employee which can be edited by the current employee


    I have the following setup to only allow users to edit employees that are IsExternal=1. Here is my SQL on it...

    "uid_person in ( select uid_person from QER_VEditEmployee where uid_personhead = '%useruid%')
    and ((IsExternal = 1) or …

  • Delegation for department's manager - mails doesn't come to delegate.


    Can anyone advise in the following use case please:

    As a department's manager I delegate 'Role manager' to the specific Department BUT once this is saved the delegate doesn't receive any emails regarding new comers etc (initial email with credentials…

  • Webportal: Reauthenticate after logout

    In this setup the Appserver is used for the DB connectivity and the RoleBasedQERAccount module is used for authentication.

    After logout it is not possible to trigger SSO (e.g. bei reloading page).

    Is there a way to implement a button to reauthenticate…

  • Display delegated manager in WebPortal


    I'm trying to customize the Person-overview page (VI_Common_ObjectSheet) in the webportal to show the manager currently responsible for the displayed user. I get the desired manager with the following SQL, but I don't know how to get this to work…

  • PWO Status Assigned but not applied yet in Web Poral

    Dear All,

    As i remember in Version 6 there is a status saying product is "Assigned but not applied yet" in the Target system. In our scenario (version 8), we are requesting for new SAP Roles using the portal. The status changed to Assigned immediately…

  • How to add new column in Search filter for Web portal


    My requirement is to add one more column to filter (Index Search) the grid content in the Web Portal. For example in the product request page, search finds matching product name and i wanted add Description.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • Timezone of the OIM Web Portal

    Dear Community,

    can someone tell me how the timezone of a user session is determined?

    I have the problem that columns template is not calculating correct values if the trigger comes from a change made in the web portal.

    If the same person makes that change…

  • Unable to establish WCF connection in Web Designer where Web Portal is hosted on LB.

    We have our Web Portal on  Load Balancer and we are unable to establish WCF connection  in Web Designer. Please suggest how we can establish the connection.

  • ITShop Search Error: System.AggregateException: The operation has timed out (Version 8.0.1)

    Hey Folks,


    So after installing the application server and ITShop portal, I am having an issue with the search feature. Whenever I attempt to search for any item in either the top bar or within a new request I get the following:

    When I interrogate the…

  • WP: Error registration new user: Missing authentication for project VI_UserRegistration_Web in web.config

    Hi all,


    I'm trying to enable user registration on the web portal, but when I click on the button "Click here if you do not have an account." on the login page, I get this error:

    An exception has occurred while executing the form method…