Display delegated manager in WebPortal


I'm trying to customize the Person-overview page (VI_Common_ObjectSheet) in the webportal to show the manager currently responsible for the displayed user. I get the desired manager with the following SQL, but I don't know how to get this to work in WebDesigner.

select UID_PersonReceiver from delegation d
join helperheadperson hh on d.objectkeydelegated = hh.xobjectkey
where hh.uid_person = '%userid%'
and OrderState = 'Assigned'

I have been looking at the "Display columns of table "Employee"" setting under Edit->Configure Project -> Web project... but I dont know how to get the desired result. I beleive I can solve it by creating a custom column in the Person-table with a template to get the delegated manager, but it would be much better to get the result directly in WebDesigner.

Is it possible to get the data via SQL-query in WebDesigner? I'm using One Identity Manager 8.1.1