• DialogParameters in 8.2 - how does validation works


    I have 2 questions regarding new feature in 8.2 meaning DialogParameters. There are fields for validation scripts - do you have any examples of such scripts? What's the expected output and how can we refer to current value?

    Second thing - how…

  • Fetching Data from standard view going into infinite loop for some users during Web Portal login, no issue during tool login

    Currently a few test users in one of our Pre-production environment are having logon issues while logging on to the web portal. The issue is that once they try to logon using their username and password (authentication method - Employee (role based) they…

  • Where does webdesigner/web portal gets the Field displaynames from?

    For some fields e.g UID_PersonOrdered, displaypersonordered, webdesigner/ITshop shows it as "Delegate" but the displayname in PersonWantsOrg or Shoppingcartitem is "Recipient".

    I'm trying to find where is it picking these names/titles…

  • How to dynamically display Logo in webportal


    I would like to display the VI_Common_CompanyLogo dynamically, it should be calculated by importsource value of currently logged user.

    Can anyone advise on this?

  • Allow Approver to edit the details of the requester in Web Designer

    In the Web Designer I have an IT shop item-Service Account, when a person requests for that Item he needs to fill in some details and then send it for approval.

    The Hierarchy for the same is- Business Owner->Product Owner.

    I want the details mentioned…

  • VI_UserRegistration_Web compiler error since migration


    since the migration to 8.1.2 we have a compiler error in VI_UserRegistration_Web that we cannot understand because it was never used or extended.

    2020-09-30 09:24:36 +02:00 - Serious -         Error in CCC_Start, nodes VI.WebDesigner.Definition…

  • Select multiple values from dropdown list in Web UI Newhire form


    We have a requirement to provide an option to end user to select multiple products from a dropdown list in WEB UI New hire form.

    with OTB option available, we are able to make user select one product from dropdown, but any leads how to make multiple…

  • Default Grid Sort in Web Designer


    Currently in grids being used in web designer, when we click on a column to sort it sorts ascending first  and then descending on the next click. Is it possible to change this default behavior to descending on the first click and ascending later.

  • Remove Column from Hyperview Person in WebDesigner

    Hello ,

    We are using One Identity Manager version 8.1.2  and we need to remove certain columns from Person hyperview in webdesigner .

    We were able to do this in v7 by modifying propertylist() , but we don't seem to find this in V8 . 

    Any help would…

  • Display delegated manager in WebPortal


    I'm trying to customize the Person-overview page (VI_Common_ObjectSheet) in the webportal to show the manager currently responsible for the displayed user. I get the desired manager with the following SQL, but I don't know how to get this to work…

  • Web Designer viewing changes


    I recently had a co-worker change some condition on employees in Configure Project.

    My co-worker can see the changes altough I cannot. I closed and reopened and made sure he pubisled the changes to all.

    Anyone had this issue or know how I can see…

  • Icons missing in Web Front-End

    Hi ,

    We have recently migrated to version 8.1.2 .Certain icons like 'ico_open-decisions.png' , 'ico_my-history.png' , 'ico_user-roles_edit.png'  and few more are missing from WFE  . 

    These roles are being displayed  using PictureUrl…

  • Add field in web portal (version 8.0)

    Hello all,

    I'd need to add some fields from 'Person' table in the 'additional columns' but on the 'Pending Attestations' view in the web portal. (For instance, I'd need to add recipient's email address, among others)…

  • WebDesigner - Timer node


    I have a problem with 'Timer' node using. Here is my Web Designer project:

    Timer parameters: timeout in milliseconds - "5000", loop condition - "1=1" (also I have tried "true", "exists(...) " etc), Run asynchronously - unchecked, Execute…

  • New module in Web Designer


     I have reviewed the Web Designer documentation and searched the user forum without success. I created a new module in my project, and added a tab to the menu. How now to create sub-tabs in the menu item and where in my project (I mean the path to…

  • Default Icon colors


    Has anyone changed some of the default icon colors in web designer?

    I was able to change the scheme but the icons are still blue i would like to change them to match my scheme.

    Icons such the information icon, back button, and filter buttons.

  • How can i increase character length of "Reason" field when submitting the Request in ITSHOP?

    Hello Experts,

    We have a need to expand the character limit on the "Reason" Field to accomodate additional notes for the users to put in the requests.  Where can i find this?  i tried looking in to Web Designer but was not able to find it...…

  • How to work with timespans in webSQL

    I try to check a time range between 2 dates.

    WebSQL can execute this statement 

    addMonths(getDate(),5) - getDate()

    with the result "153.00:00:00"

    If I use Len,substring or other string functions on this result it won´t work. If I use a format…

  • How to add new column in Search filter for Web portal


    My requirement is to add one more column to filter (Index Search) the grid content in the Web Portal. For example in the product request page, search finds matching product name and i wanted add Description.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • Sponsor change button


    Can someone tell me in Web Designer I can change the Add New Employee form?

    I need to make it so the Sponsor cannot be changed. I put template code to make it default to the person inserting the employee.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • Unable to establish WCF connection in Web Designer where Web Portal is hosted on LB.

    We have our Web Portal on  Load Balancer and we are unable to establish WCF connection  in Web Designer. Please suggest how we can establish the connection.

  • Can I set a notification label to Shopping Cart in the left menu of web portal?

    Hello experts,

    In the web portal, when a new request arrives, there will be a small label with number pending items appear aside the Pending Request/Attestations.

    If I want to apply this label to the Shopping Cart, how should I make the configuration…

  • How can I have dynamic request properties in the request?



    I have a requirement to show dynamic values in dropdown in the request. Use case is to show disabled users in the dropdown who were reporting to the logged in user. Can someone please suggest how this can be achieved? Thanks in advance.

  • How update customer logo in existing reports.

    In Q1IM version 8.0, how to update customer logo instead of existing 1IM logo and also how to update web browser title value?

  • Webportal Index Search

    The index-based search returns results for substrings only if they are at the beginning of a word (see table).
    It is expected that the index search will also yield results if the search string is within a word. Analogous to the SQL search with like '%…