Fetching Data from standard view going into infinite loop for some users during Web Portal login, no issue during tool login

Currently a few test users in one of our Pre-production environment are having logon issues while logging on to the web portal. The issue is that once they try to logon using their username and password (authentication method - Employee (role based) they get stuck in the login page....i.e. - home page do not appear. Looking at the web portal logs we could not find any error entries for the same.

While debugging we found that when user is trying to login a predefined SQL is getting generated "Webportal.VI_Session.GroupsOfOpenPWOs" which is calling QER_VITShopDecisionPerson view. Now when we try to fetch count of data from this view for one of the users having issue, the query keeps running for infinite time.

For other users this query provides data within seconds.

example of the query:

declare @centralaccount nvarchar(38) = '<centralaccount@person>'
declare @uidPerson nvarchar(38)

select @uidPerson=UID_Person from person where CentralAccount=@centralaccount

select count(1) from QER_VITShopDecisionPerson where uid_person=@uidPerson

My questions:

1) Could you please give an overview of this view QER_VITShopDecisionPerson and what it does, and also where to look if this view is running into a loop for any data issues.

2) We are suspecting it is a data issue for these employees, so Is there any way to run Dbqueue task "Complete Recalculation for One Employee (Identity Manager Database)" manually from SQL side for one employee?

Thanks in advance for your help!