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Privilege Manager for Unix

Unix and Linux privilege management that provides centralized control and reporting for root access

Privilege Manager for Unix protects the full power of root access from potential misuse or abuse. No more worries about privileged users deleting critical files, modifying file permissions or databases, reformatting disks, or damaging Unix and Linux systems in more subtle ways.

Privileged Management Solutions Simplified 02:35

Learn how One Identity Privileged Management Solutions simplify privileged account management, and let you enable privileged access without putting your entire organization at risk.

Key Benefits

Enhance security

Control root access and enforce least privilege with fine-grained policies

Simplify compliance

Centralize management and reporting for compliance and visibility

Increase accountability

Record user activity with automated, secure keystroke logging


Unix delegation

Enable Unix and Linux privilege management through detailed, policy-based delegation of Unix/Linux root account privileges.

Keystroke logging

Record the user’s keystrokes and the terminal output of any sessions granted by Privilege Manager for Unix.

Event logging

Record details of all requests to run privileged commands, including who made the request, when and where it was made, and whether it was accepted.


Guard against network snooping and spoofing by encrypting all communication among Privilege Manager for Unix programs, and between the user and application.

Transparent operation

Use Privilege Manager shells to audit and control a user’s login session in a way that is transparent to the user regardless of how they are logged in.


Role-based root and administrative account delegation

Role-based root and administrative account delegation

The product supports Unix and Linux privilege management by enabling you to delegate root-account administrative privileges based on individual roles and rights, without revealing the root account credentials. Plus, with Privilege Manager for Unix you can easily handle third-party applications management, including Oracle and SAP.
Comprehensive policy creation and testing with Linux privilege management tool

Comprehensive policy creation and testing

Privilege Manager for Unix enables you to import third-party policies, as well as build new policies based on user, groups, commands, hosts, time of day, day of the week — and test the impact of those policies before pushing to a production environment.
Secure centralized management

Secure centralized management

Configuration and management are delivered through a GUI and/or via command line. The architecture is fully fault-tolerant with failover and load-balancing options. Moreover, Privilege Manager for Unix encrypts its network traffic and integrates with Pluggable Authentication Modules for increased security.
Indelible audit trail

Indelible audit trail

As part of complete Unix/Linux privilege management program, you can track who has been accessing which systems, what commands they executed, what changes they attempted to make to key files and data, and whether those changes were successful.
Encryption, authentication and program controls with Linux privilege management tool

Encryption, authentication and program controls

For greater security, Privilege Manager for Unix encrypts network traffic and prevents the storage or execution of unauthorized or destructive programs on your Unix systems.
Central management of heterogeneous networks

Central management of heterogeneous networks

You’ll enjoy a single management interface and full functionality for your multi-platform/OS environment, including IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun, SuSE Linux, RedHat Linux, and more.


For detailed system requirements and supported platforms please review the latest release notes.


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