DateTime column (Person.ExitDate) behavior change in 9.0 LTS

Hi people,

just upgraded from version 8.1.5 to ver 9.0 LTS (+CU1).

1) Noticed a strange behavior change.

Ver 8.1.5 
When I open the ObjectBrowser tool ver 8.1.5, navigate to Person table, select a person (say, John Smith) and change manually the ExitDate attribute by selecting a date from Date picker dialog box, then new value is set as a date without time part.
Example: 1/1/2023

Ver 9.0 LTS
When I do the same in ver 9.0 LTS, new date is set WITH time part. The time part is 1:00:00 when I select any date, and the time part is CURRENT time when I select the 'today' button.
Example: 1/1/2023 01:00:00

Why the time part is added now? Yes, I'm located in UTC+1 time zone, and 01:00:00 is just a displayable value (shifted to my time zone) while the internal value is 00:00:00 (stored in DB)

2) Extra second in columns which are DateTime.

Ver 9.0 LTS

If a manually change the ExitDate attribute in the ObjectBrowser tool, the new date is set with time part. The displayable value of time part is 01:00:00, and the internal value is 00:00:00 (all zeroes). But If I query for the same attribute in MS SQL Management Studio, it shows me 00:00:01 (all zeroes but extra second). Why so?