• DateTime column (Person.ExitDate) behavior change in 9.0 LTS

    Hi people,

    just upgraded from version 8.1.5 to ver 9.0 LTS (+CU1).

    1) Noticed a strange behavior change.

    Ver 8.1.5 
    When I open the ObjectBrowser tool ver 8.1.5, navigate to Person table, select a person (say, John Smith) and change manually the ExitDate…

  • Timezone of the OIM Web Portal

    Dear Community,

    can someone tell me how the timezone of a user session is determined?

    I have the problem that columns template is not calculating correct values if the trigger comes from a change made in the web portal.

    If the same person makes that change…

  • Extra time for catalog products on job position changes


    For business requirements, on a job position movement, I need to extend the old job position accounts/groups/resources for a limited period of time (30 days). After this extra time, all the accounts/groups/resources given before the job position movement…