How to run a prepared statement (QBMLimitedSQL) with parameters from a process step?

Hi One Identity Manager Community,

We have some complex SQL scripts that are run from processes that we would like to store as prepared statements (QBMLimitedSQL) rather than as the parameter to a SQLComponent task.

So far I have not been able to find a solution on how to run such a prepared statement with parameters directly from a process step.

Run a SQL query with parameter from script called via api - Forum - Identity Manager Community - One Identity Community explains how to do it via a script, but I would prefer to not have to use that workaround.

We are running One Identity Manager 9.0 LTS.

Thanks in advance,


  • There is no direct support for using prepared SQL statements in the SQL component tasks as of today. 

    But you can fetch the content of your SQL statement from the table QBMlimitedSQL during process generation (for example in the PreScript) if you just want to avoid maintaining the SQL script in the process parameters.

    The drawback of using the SQL component instead of a script is, that the SQL component needs a direct SQL server connection and is not working over an Application Server connection.